Relevant Organisations

Web Resources

  • – an online evidence based resource for close family and friends of people with bipolar disorder, offering information about the illness, treatment and ways family/carers can deal with it.
  • MOODswings – an online self-help tool for people with bipolar disorder
  • Mood Gym – a free self-help program that uses cognitive behavioural therapy to help people vulnerable to depression.
  • BlueBoard – an online community bulletin board for people affected by depression or anxiety, friends and carers, and those who are concerned that they may have depression or anxiety and want support.



PLEASE NOTE:  ASBDD does not endorse any publications listed on this website. However, it does provide a list of publications that may be of interest to clinicians, consumers and carers.


My Happy Sad Mummy

Author:   Michelle Vasiliu          Art by award winning illustrator:   Lucia Masciullo

My Happy Sad Mummy, was written for the thousands of young children all over the world living with a parent or guardian who has a mental illness.

It was written for these same parents and guardians, who may need some kind of frame work to help explain their illness to the children in their care. Simply put, it is a tool they can use to begin an on-going dialogue about why they sometimes behave in strange or distressing ways.

And finally, it was written as a resource for childcare workers, kindergarten teachers, librarians, psychologists, counselors … indeed anyone working with young children who may benefit from such a book.

This book can be purchased from  or  for discounted signed copies, please contact the author at  or  phone 0438 006 852


My family is a teamMy Family is a Team

Author:  Kelly Goodsir     Illustrator:  Dina theodoropoulos

Hard Cover Children’s Picture Book – Ages 3-6 years

This book is for any teachers, educators, parents or family members who know of any person who has had a mental illness in their life.

It is vital that we talk about mental health with children and their families.   through this book you will find the language to articulate and communicate the important messages related to mental health..

My Family is a Team can be purchased for $22.95 (plus postage) from or by phoning Kelly Goodsir on 0410 103 775.