Chairman’s Message

The Australasian Society for Bipolar & Depressive Disorders (ASBDD) aims to be a primary forum for research communication, academic exchange, advocacy and education for these serious and prevalent disorders.  The ASBDD is one of the Founding chapters of the International Society for Bipolar Disorders ( 

We also have an active Early/Mid-Career Researcher Sub-committee (EMCR) who support researchers in their early career development. The sub-committee, with the support of ASBDD, aims to provide a much needed support network for early-mid career researchers through ASBDD membership. Specifically, they aim to provide peer support and/or mentoring for early-mid career researchers, improve opportunities for these researchers to make collaborations, and provide an avenue for early-mid career researchers to voice their concerns in regards to affective disorders research and the activities of the ASBDD.  

We would encourage anyone interested in these illnesses, their assessment, treatment, and research to join the Society, and contribute to the effectiveness of the organisation.

A major activity for the organisation is the biennial conference which brings overseas speakers, who are leading experts in the field, to Australia and gives researchers, clinicians, sufferers and their families a chance to learn of developments in the field and current research. The conferences have been held as follows:

Melbourne, Australia —  23–25 February 2006
Sydney, Australia —  20–22 September 2007
Brisbane, Australia —  22–24 October 2009
Sydney, Australia —  20–22 October 2011
Melbourne, Australia —  3–5 October 2013
Sydney, Australia —  6–8 November 2015

Melbourne, Australia —  15–17 September 2017

Our Mission

The purpose of the Society is to become the Australasian forum, and an internationally recognised forum, to foster ongoing collaboration, education, research and advances in the treatment of all aspects of bipolar and depressive disorders. The Society is open to the entire spectrum of mental health professionals including basic and clinical researchers, psychiatrists, pharmacologists, psychologists, social workers, students, trainees, interested lay groups and individuals.

ASBDD Committee


Professor Chris Davey

Deputy Chairperson

Dr Katie Douglas

Honorary Treasurer

Scientia Professor Philip Mitchell AM

Honorary Secretary

Professor Malcolm Hopwood

Immediate Past Chairperson

Assoc. Professor Olivia Dean


Professor Michael Berk

Dr Maree Inder

Assoc.Professor Frances Kay-Lambkin

Dr Jon-Paul Khoo

EMCR Representative

Dr Jennifer Nicholas