Australasian Society of Bipolar & Depressive Disorders

and the

Servier Foundation


Depression Research Grant 2017 (one year)

(Open to all Researchers)

Researchers in any stage of their career are invited to apply for the 2017 ASBDD/Servier Foundation Depression Research Grant, proudly presented by the Australasian Society of Bipolar & Depressive Disorders and the Servier Foundation.

The object of the Grant is

  • To provide salary support for an investigator studying (or proposing to study) any aspect of depression within Australasia;
  • To stimulate collaborative research activities within Australasia by facilitating communication between participants in specified fields; and
  • To support such a researcher in this area for up to one yea


A one year award of $30,000, together with an economy return airfare from anywhere within Australasia to the next ASBDD Conference (if not in the recipient’s home state). The Conference Registration fee will be paid for the successful applicant, who will be expected to commence studies within 6 months of receipt of the award. Payments will commence when studies start.

The successful applicant will be granted membership of the ASBDD for the duration of their award.

Funding may also be sought/obtained from other sources, however this funding must be declared to the ASBDD.

Payments will be made in three instalments: a third at the commencement of the Grant (subject to proof of appropriate ethics approval); a further third upon receipt of a satisfactory 6 month report; and the final third at the end of the Grant period subject to satisfactory progress appropriately documented in a final report.


Submitted applications will be independently ranked by a panel of experts in the area, including experts both within Australasia and overseas.

The decision of the panel is final and no negotiations will be entered into.

Selection Criteria

Eligible applications will be assessed against the following selection criteria:

(Please address ALL criteria in your application.)

  • A proven record of academic achievement including Letter of Acceptance for the relevant study; and
  • Research will be conducted within Australasia; and
  • Clear opportunities for collaboration with relevant professionals/organisations within the Australasian region; and
  • The project is professionally presented, methodologically well-defined and complies with relevant ethical standards (please note ethics approval is not required to apply for this grant. The successful candidate will be expected to submit proof of relevant ethics approval prior to commencement of Grant; and
  • A project protocol is submitted; and
  • The project is relevant to the needs and interests of people living with depression and their families or caregivers; and
  • A proposal that is internationally competitive; and
  • Adequate supervision, mentoring and support to effect research would be available to junior (doctoral or early postdoctoral) awardees. (Please note that supervision and equipment must be provided by your employer/supervisor.  It is the candidate’s responsibility to investigate/organise and include details in the application.); and
  • The proposed mentor commits to making sufficient resources available in their unit to support the research of the scholarship holder; and
  • A letter of support from the Director or Head of the research facility in which the study would be undertaken is included with the application; and
  • The realistic budget for the funds requested.  Any other income streams that may be required for the project are clearly indicated in the application and are not inconsistent with the goals/philosophy of the ASBDD; and
  • The applicant needs to obtain written ethical approval for the project from the hospital/facility in which it will be undertaken.

The Recipient’s Obligations

The successful award recipient MUST provide to ASBDD:

  • Copy of relevant ethics approval prior to commencing the Grant. (NB no funds will be paid without ethics approval)
  • A final report no later than one month after the anniversary of the scholarship commencement date
  • A detailed research report within 6 months of the completion of the project;
  • Acknowledge the ASBDD/Servier Foundation Depression Research Grant in ALL publications arising from the research;
  • Copies of ALL publications arising from this research either during or after the scholarship period.  Copies must be provided to ASBDD within one month of the publication date;
  • Immediate notification of any inability to continue or complete the project; and
  • The successful applicant will be invited to present a paper on the topic of the project at the ASBDD meeting corresponding with the end of the research.

Research Payments

The award will be provided as a $30,000 payment.  One economy return airfare from anywhere within Australasia to the next ASBDD Conference if not in the recipient’s home state and ASBDD conference registration fee will be provided for the ASBDD Conference at which the Award Presentation is given.

If the grant holder fails to meet the conditions of the scholarship, the award will lapse and payments will cease. This will be at the sole discretion of the ASBDD.

ASBDD shall provide to the award recipient at the commencement of the award a letter confirming these terms and conditions, and setting out the key conditions.


Applications should be prepared as outlined below and submitted electronically to by 11:59PM, Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) on 14 July 2017. 

Applications will be considered by the selection panel. Applications will be considered against the Selection Criteria (above).

All applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application by email at the time of the ASBDD meeting.

The ASBDD committee can choose to award or not award the grant at its discretion. If the grant is not awarded in one calendar year, funds will be rolled over to the next calendar year.

Applications Close 14 July 2017

Late applications will NOT be considered

Application Format

To be considered, all applications MUST:

  • Be complete (incomplete applications will not be considered);
  • Submitted on/ before the closing date/time;
  • Address ALL the selection criteria;
  • Include ALL of the following: and
  • An Application Protocol,
  • A Letter of Support from the Director or Head of the research facility/department in which the project would be undertaken detailing resources available, supervision and mentoring arrangements, and
  • Your current Curriculum Vitae

A research protocol needs to be submitted, in the following format:

  • Background;
  • methods including statistical plan;
  • outcomes and significance; and
  • references.

The maximum length for research protocols should be 4 pages including references. All applications should be in Times New Roman font size 12 and single spaced.

Applications should be submitted electronically to

All queries should be directed to the ASBDD Administrative Officer.


The award will be officially presented at the 2017 ASBDD Conference.


Applications Close 14 July 2017


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